May your dreams be mello

Mellow Dream Album Cover

Mellow Dream Ryo Fukui starts off slow and finishes funky. Kind of like the Dreaming Tree Cabernet by Cabernets by their nature, often seem forceful in their presentation with a take-no-prisoners attitude. This one starts off strong and finishes in a light day-dreamy way.

A perfect pairing for a spicy gourmet pizza on a chilly fall afternoon.

Mellow dream is the first song on the 1977 album of the same name by Ryo Fukui.
Fukui’s groovy piano solo jams with a lightly frenetic tempo and later on is paired with a more temperate, melodic bass solo.

When the song finishes with a dash of timpani, it leaves you wanting more… sort of like a last sip of Dreaming Tree Cabernet.

Please remember to always drink responsibly. Thanks!

One Response to “May your dreams be mello

  • Dana McDonald
    4 years ago

    I love Mellow Dream! I had it on Vinyl back in the 80s. It’d always take me back to the good times!

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